We keep it retro

We keep it retro

We love 8 bit systems and specialize in retrogame productions

Keeping the spirit alive

We love retrogaming, creating simple but pure game concepts with lots of playability, addictive-fun in the classic 8-bit style reminds us of the old-school game titles that first captured our inspiration. At Relevo we believe in keeping the dream alive by creating games compatible with the vintage systems we played when we were young.

What makes us different? We just don't just create 8-bit looking games, but develop real 8-bit games, with characters and storylines, that work on vintage systems. We’re passionate about it and challenging ourselves everyday to stay true to real retro game style unlike any other indie game studio out there.

While we do develop for the latest platforms from consoles to mobile devices, we are also active developers in the international retrogaming scene, coming up with new titles each year for our passionate fans to play and enjoy.

Our expertise in retro games and low spec machines helps us understand how to optimize core game essentials from production to game design, staying true to the essence of a great video game no matter what system you are using.

Enough, show me the retrogames

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