Join an all new adventure with the Treasure Rangers!


Join an all new adventure with the Treasure Rangers!

We are extremely proud to announce we are working on another promising project. Let us introduce you Treasure Rangers!

Our aim is to create a third person action experience, with a variety of enviroments to explore and collectibles to gather, along with enemies to defeat. The game combines platforming and exploration with a high dose of puzzle solving, that will be a key part of the product. Also, the player will be able to unlock a cast of characters, each one with unique abilities, which will be needed to solve problems and obstacles throughout the game.


Along with its different character management mechanics, not only because of their skills and powers, but also their characteristics inside the group such as leadership, we have created an inclusive videogame where one of the main playable characters is a child with autism.

The main goal is to showcase autism and promote inclusion, respect and tolerance to achieve higher awareness on the disorder in order to avoid false prejudices that increase social isolation. However, we must remark that this is not a game geared towards people with autism, because people with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) play a huge variety of videogames just like neurotypical people do. So, this is neither an adapted nor a therapeutic product. This is an inclusive product where a child with autism is an active part of the story and game mechanics in a standardized way, without giving constant reminders of his condition, but totally integrated into the adventure.


There are various kinds of ASD disorders, where the high functioning autism is the one being most highlighted in entertainment media. In this case, the goal is to include a non-verbal child with ASD and auditory processing disorder. We will be introducing each member of the gang pretty soon, so stay tuned to our blog and twitter account!

The creation of this project has become a reality thanks to PlayStation Talents, the official PlayStation initiative in Spain to support the indie development community. Relevo is part of this program, being one of the few studios inside the PlayStation Alianzas program since its creation. When founder and director Jon Cortazar explained the project to Roberto Yeste, New Development Manager of SIE Iberia, he decided to promote it to be produced and funded by SIE in their CSR program called Compromiso PlayStation. Also, the game has the support of Confederación Autismo España, a group that team ups more than seventy different asociations in Spain.

Jon Cortazar is leading the project as producer and game designer. Besides all of us at Relevo, we also hired two talents to join the project: Jose Antonio Muñoz from the excellent basque development estudio Main Loop (creators of Submersed for PS4) as lead programmer, and Yas Goiburu, a talented 3D generalist working in projects such as Crevice‘s Waves Out! coming soon for PS4, as lead artist. We welcome them to Relevo’s crew and hope they love the experience of working on a game with us: we are already loving working with them because of the great results shown so far!

You can check more information, including a teaser trailer
by checking the gamesheet following this link!

More news on Treasure Rangers and our projects will be coming really soon, so be sure to follow us on twitter if you don’t want to miss a thing! Thank you all for your support!

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