Mindtaker™ (PS4/PC)

Current status of the project

The project currently is suffering a long delay, although it is not a canceled project.

This project started as a cooperation between two companies, Virtualware and us, Relevo, aiming to create an innovative game for PlayStation platforms using the vast experience on 3D technology and VR from one of the parties and game desing and storytelling from the other. The fact is that the project demands a volume of development on the technical side that's far higher than expected, and that forces us to search for external investment in order to finish the product.

In case that us both companies find the needed resources to finish the product, we will keep you up to date on future milestones of the project! Thank you for your continuous support!


  Game sheet

Title: Mindtaker™
Genre: Adventure / Exploration / Terror
Platform: PlayStation®4 / PC
PEGI: 18 (provisional)
Number of players: 1 (offline)
Languages: 2 (voices, EN-SP)
Subtitles: 6 (texts, EN-SP-FR-IT-AL-PR)


In Mindtaker™ nothing is what it seems, from the very beginning of the game and throughout the development of the plot tension, uncertainty and claustrophobia are constantly increasing until it reaches the final outcome.

It all begins with a call from headquarters: a strange murder has occurred somewhere very familiar to you, the neighborhood that saw you grow up. Namely, in a house where children dare not get close unless you were plotting some prank to run away afterwards. That's why, even if everything is different, the years have passed and you're a district detective now, a shiver runs down your back as soon as you cross the doorstep of that house for the first time.

Discover the supernatural origin of the terrible killing to unravel the mystery surrounding the house, the old witch and her mysterious cat, who will be your enigmatic companion on a journey of terror and wit.


Mindtaker™ is the newest and most ambitious Relevo project to date. Developed with Virtualware, the video game, written and directed by Jon Cortázar, has the support of PlayStation® and the Basque institutions.

· First Person exploration and puzzle game.
· 100% VR compatible.
· Interaction with secondary characters and stages.
· Photorealistic graphics and wide open spaces to explore and discover.
· Collect multiple objects with which to interact.
· An intriguing story with unexpected twists.
· Innovative puzzles and game mechanics.