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More games

Take a peek at some of our past productions!


Calamity! Every biscuit in the United Kingdom has been stolen by a gang of dastardly thieves commanded by the maleficent Lady Trudi and it's almost time for afternoon tea! What can be done in such a terrible situation?

Her Majesty the Queen herself did not hesitate for one moment and summoned Bob, the most refined and friendly British gentleman, in the task of recovering the biscuits. Bob took his bowler hat and umbrella and shot into the adventure without any doubt.

Will you be able to help Bob on finding all of the biscuits before tea time? Perhaps this robbery is just a smokescreen for something grander, such as the theft of the diamonds from the Crown Jewels? Go discover it for yourself inside a fantastic London city replete with myriad classic pinball elements and amusing rumbunctious enemies!


Battle for Asciion is created with the aim of demonstrating that fun is above all else. We took it as a personal challenge to the creation of a game using only ASCII characters and show that even with these restrictions our creativity wouldn’t be limited. Battle for Asciion is the result of this exercise, the first shoot’em up from Relevo with our old-school flavor and devilish gameplay.

General Zoltrax has gone rogue. He has joined forces with the evil Technoroid Empire and is holding hostage the Asciion system, humanity’s only source of omnifuel. Without omnifuel to supply the Starfleet Defense Force the Human Planet Alliance is helpless against the incoming Technoroid invasion. Mankind is doomed. But there is hope. A one-man starfighter could pass undetected through the Gamma Inversion cannon defenses and launch a strike to the core. Ace Pilot Chris Sans steps forward…