We are Relevo

Our job is to make you enjoy

Relevo Videogames, SL is an independent game development studio dedicated to producing fresh and original videogames since 2009. We keep it retro!

At Relevo we develop videogames for a wide variety of platforms, from game consoles to smartphones, desktop distributions or web-based games.

We also specialize in publishing brand new games for vintage platforms, creating fresh new products for 80s computers such as the ZX Spectrum, MSX or Amstrad CPC. Our titles have earned both national and international attention from retrogamers and media. We love old school gaming, not just old school looking games: making projects for low-spec vintage systems has made us even more creative when it comes to creating game concepts, knowledge that we apply to development for higher platforms.

Our commitment is to create well-designed video games that offer fresh and creative gameplay, lots of depth, great characters, high replay value and loads of fun retrogaming influences.

If you want to get in touch with us, just go through this section.