Bullfighter NEON

The true retro-future arcade experience!

Inspired by the “future Cyber-Sport” Arcades of the 90s

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In a technologically advanced dystopian future, entertainment is king. And the newest craze is the Bullfighter Circuit, where brave contestants fight against very dangerous and armored robots. Mechanical beasts that not only will try to ram and gore you, each one is equipped with a vast array of weapons, rockets, and lasers; all in the name of entertainment.

Defeating even one of these mighty beasts is a big accomplishment accompanied by an even bigger paycheck, and so the Bullfighter Circuit attracts a huge variety of challengers. From the bored rich kids to people with no other choice but to risk it all. Who will be the next one to step inside the Arena?


Inspired by the “future Cyber-Sport” Arcades of the 90s, Bullfighter NEON takes bullfighting and adds robots, lasers, and sunglasses to create a wacky spin on it. This game is a true retro-future arcade experience, where intense gameplay and frantic action are kings.


Bullfighter NEON features 6 unique characters to choose from. Complete the Bullfighter Circuit and defeat all of the CyberBeasts, each with their distinctive attack patterns, in Arenas with different environmental dangers.

Choose to play in Story Mode where each character has their own unique ending and the CyberBeasts and arenas have been paired to create a hand-crafted gaming experience. Or go wild with the multiple other game modes. Play solo or with a friend. Work together or compete against each other. Select a game mode, mix-and-match CyberBulls with Arenas, and adjust various settings to create your ultimate challenge.