Check by yourself the visual upgrade of Mindtaker in its new trailer!


Check by yourself the visual upgrade of Mindtaker in its new trailer!

Good news, fans of all things spooky! Today we release a brand new trailer for Mindtaker.

Mindtaker is a PlayStation VR compatible Horror Exploration Adventure, were you’ll have to uncover the mysteries of a strange murder that soon reveals a supernatural side. Along the adventure you’ll be followed by a strange cat that is trying to help you. Or is it?

After unveling the game at 2016’s E3, and showcasing it at both Gamelab and Barcelona Games World, players could get a first taste of the game with the Mindtaker VR Experience at Fun & Serious. In the following months, our VR Experience has been available in multiple events. And the player’s reaction couldn’t be any better.

While people were getting scared with our Mindtaker VR Experience we’ve continued working on the game day and night. And you can see the fruits of our labor in the new Mindtaker trailer. Comparing it to our original teaser trailer, the visual upgrade is quite noticeable, mostly thanks to amazing Virtualware guys who are making the product reach to a really top quality level!

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Great production meeting today at @virtualware #Mindtaker! 🏚🐈 Also amazed testing @Nmerso1 awesome immersive techno……

Thnx @readyandplay for your review on our love letter to @SEGA’s ‘79 classic Heads On, turned into a cops ‘n robber……

Thnx @araubiMSX! Great to see you enjoying one of our classics! 😊👍 #MSX #gamedev #retrogaming…

Congrats on the release, Rebeca and @Jon_Cortazar! 👶🎉…