Updates on projects and events!


Updates on projects and events!

Hey, Relevo brotherhood! Just dropping by to say we are alive and kicking and to update you on the status of our projects!

First of all, we are working really hard to bring Baboon! to all of you PS4 and PS Vita american gamers: we can’t wait for you to enjoy its challenging levels and charming story! We will be able to announce the release date really really soon, so stay tuned to our twitter account for updated information.

Also, you are closer to being able to discover what our mysterious co-production with Yugenstudio in Tokyo, Project 8, is about: the game entered production in march this year and soon we will be releasing a reveal trailer in which we will be unveiling the game’s title, gameplay and visuals. We are really excited with this project and can’t wait to share more details of it with you guys!


Switching to Mindtaker, our most ambitious project yet, the game is progressing great. The graphical improvements achieved by our partners and game co-producers Virtualware are really off the charts!

Later this month we will be showcasing Mindtaker VR Experience in Barcelona during Gamelab, inside the PlayStation booth for its selected PS Talents program members. This will be the third time the experience will be available and we hope there will be more to come!


This last month, along with developing, we’ve been attending different events such as the AzPlayQ2, and also director Jon Cortazar held a talk about Relevo and game development at NTS Solutions during their NTS Pills meetings.

In the misc news both our very first and our very last releases, La Corona Encantada for MSX and Baboon! for PS4, were spotted in a cool photo at an interview with Masamitsu Moo Niitani, founder of Compile, a japanese company most notable for having developed the Puyo Puyo series. Be sure to check this interesting interview, conduced by Javier Lavandeira and published on the MSX Center website! You can imagine our excitement seeing our products in the hands of such a living gamedev legend!


Well, that was mostly all. Soon we will have more news to share but we wanted to keep you updated. Anyway, if you want to be the first to know our latests news and join the ever growing Relevo community, consider following our twitter account! Thanks for your support!

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