Updates on Project 8, Mindtaker and Baboon!


Updates on Project 8, Mindtaker and Baboon!

Today is a good day to talk about some updates on our upcoming releases! We’ve been a bit quiet lately, but that’s not because we have been idle. Nothing is further from reality! So here you have some updates on our products and current projects.



Our very secret game “Project 8” is about to be unveiled. Game production is currently at its final stage and soon we will be able to show it to the world. Also, this will be our very first game to be released worldwide by a publisher, so we are really excited. The game will be launched for the Nintendo Switch, and a PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam release will follow.

As the core production of our most ambitious project Mindtaker relays on the hands of the excellent developers at Virtualware, once we crafted the most creative side of the project and closed game design and story writing, our inhouse development studio was ready to accomplish another project. That’s why in may last year we started production of “Project 8”, which is right now close to completion.

Hope you love this game as much as we are loving making it and stay tuned for the unveil and release date!



We are pretty aware on the project exceeding its initial schedule. That’s a sad reality, and we are really wanting to deliver this game to you as soon as possible. But, as the development advanced, quality has been raising exponentially so as of now lots of extra efforts are needed to build all this unique world with the standards we are achieving. All ingame scenarios and characters are done, but there is still lots of work to do, mostly on chapter and mechanics implementation.

In the bright side, the game is playing and looking really top, much better than we’ve ever expected. We don’t want to lower the bar, and that’s why we are right now trying to attract investors to join the project in order to speed up as much as we can the development process of the game.

Thank you all for the awesome support and comments about Mindtaker, we are really overwhelmed. We’d like to specially thank those supporting us on PlayStarter: thank you for your patience on this project! Be sure that we will keep you updated and you’ll be the first to know!

Just as chef Hikoni’s recipes, Mindtaker needs its time to craft a delicious game experience.

Just as chef Hikoni’s recipes, Mindtaker needs its time to craft a delicious game experience.


Last year we decided to bring Baboon!, our acclaimed puzzling platfrom adventure released on PlayStation platforms, to a wider audience. In order for this to become a reality, we tried to establish sinergies and colaborations with different companies specialized on porting. Unfortunately we weren’t able to reach an agreement. Anyway, that matter did not stop us from dreaming, so we decided to make the port ourselves!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we started to recreate the game enviroment, and the initial results are very promising. We will keep you updated on any information about this port, but we can advance that our goal is to be able to release Baboon! on the Nintendo Switch, and also on Steam for PC, so stay tuned!


Well as you can see, we have been quite busy lately. Thank you again for your support! Now back to work and, if you want to stay updated, do follow our active twitter account!

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