Attending Tokyo Game Show 2017 and more gaming events


Attending Tokyo Game Show 2017 and more gaming events

We are back from a couple of events more, and here we are to update you! First of all, we attended Tokyo Game Show again! It was great to come back to Tokyo, two years after the launch of Baboon! for PS Vita in Japan and rest of Asia with publishers Flyhigh Works and CIRCLE Ent.!



Tokyo Game Show is always so awesome!

Also, we had time for lots of meetings. We had a great time with Kou Seigai (Flyhigh Works CEO) and Chris Chou (CIRCLE Ent.) with an awesome dinner and meeting discusing the development and future publishing of future projects, specially Project 8, which they really loved! Really great to share some time with you guys! Also, we had a work meeting and afterwork with the guys from Yugenstudio, responsible of the music and sound effect of Baboon! and Mindtaker, and also co-producers of Project 8! It was awesome to be with the almighty Giuseppe Strano again, and great to met Taichi Toyoda and Koichi Shimizu!


Relevo and Yugenstudio! Great partnership that will lead to great games!

Right back from Tokyo and travelling to Zaragoza, where Retro Zaragoza fair was held. It was a top retrogaming events, with the presence of lots of homebrew developers for vintage systems. During the fair, director Jon Cortazar held a lecture on La Corona Encantada, highlighting the importance of this game on the homebrew scene and sharing details on its production and future sequel. Also, he took part on a round table about homebrew for vintage platforms with a number of cool developers. All in all a great event, hope we can come back next year!



It was great to share some unreleased material from Relevo productions!

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