Retrospective: A decade of Relevo


Retrospective: A decade of Relevo

Relevo was born ten years ago today with the launch of our blogspot site, offering the free digital download of the final version of La Corona Encantada for both ZX Spectrum and MSX system. A lot has changed from that day up to this day, making us into the promising game studio with more than 25 released products as we are. But, as we are evolving, we are also keeping alive our strong retrogaming foundation by focusing our products on original and fun mechanics with an oldschool touch no matter the platform or main goal of the product.


We were born as a homebrew development team creating products for vintage plataforms: that’s what has defined us as a studio and what we love to do. It is great to develop for platforms with such restrictions, as you need to focus mostly on gameplay to build something fun out of a handful of kilobytes. During these years we have released 10 games for 80s computers such as the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and the MSX system: La Corona Encantada, the game that defined our vision on making professional looking products on vintage platforms; British Bob, our classic platformer with an over-british setup; Está en la Caja and Está en el Pantano, a couple of text games in the style of good old “Choose Your Own Adventure” interactive novels; Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, our acclaimed Ghost ‘n Goblins-esque run and gun arcade; Azzurro 8-Bit Jam, a funny puzzler and first advergame on the Spectrum since its commercial era; Subacuatic, a remake from the great game created by the Mojon Twins; Malaika, the comeback of our stone age hero since her debut at Karoshi’s Malaika Prehistoric Quest; Mr. Cracksman, an original homage of the classic Head-On by Sega; and Ninja Savior, our one button retro-casual game which hopefuly will soon be released as a port for the Game Boy Classic.


All these standalone retro games total a number of 16 separate products if we also take into account ports for the different computers. Not bad for a 10 years long journey, isn’t it? But, even if this kind of product is not on top of our company’s priorities, we have many of them in the pipeline, such as Los Templos de Fuego, the long awaited sequel from La Corona Encantada, or a brand new British Bob game for MSX computers. As we stated before, we love to work for those kind of vintage plataforms so you can bet we’ll keep it retro for much longer!

Going professional in 2011 was a key part of our history when we joined Vals Agency on the journey of creating games for different brands and products, along with serious games. We made good use of our vast marketing background to build engaging, fun and effective game products: Kar Snatchers, Azzurro 8-Bit Jam, Vals Panic, Mission: Euskadi, Safybots Polyester Super Robots, Recuperacción, Connect the Earth, Privacy Adventure, Generakzioa, Boga Boga, Eskublock, Burger King Pixel Prevention and KonEko V are titles that shows our wide range of clients on different sectors, from institutional and public entities to private companies, that have trusted us for the task of connecting with their target audience in an original and fun way.


Those 13 different references were created for a variety of platforms, from computers to web and of course smartphones and tablets: and there will be more to come, as right now we’re facing new projects that will help us improve our background and keep growing as a company.

Our success on building games for clients led us to set up the company Relevo Videogames SL in 2012, with the vision to keep developing retrogames and games for clients, but with the goal of creating products with our own IPs for current platforms: British Bob Jumping Craze, our first product was a casual game for iOS and Android devices with our beloved english gentleman; Battle for Asciion, an ASCII art based horizontal shot em up in the style of R-Type or Gradius; and of course Baboon!, our award winning game for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita that made us grow as a game development studio and start our journey on videogame consoles.


Those games gave us the chance to build strong partnerships with companies and individual talents all around the world, including our strategic partnership with PlayStation in Spain, that’s helping us creating more and better products for you to enjoy. Our games have also been noticed and reviewed by well known international media such as Games TM or Famitsu magazine, and showcased on the biggest videogame events all around the globe such as Tokyo Game Show or E3 in Los Angeles.


After this 10 year learning process we want to thank our core team, that has believed and keeps believing in this project. And, of course, those of you that support us by buying our products or following us on our social channels, giving us invaluable feedback and cheer us up in the not-so-good days. Yes, we’ve had both bad and good moments during this journey together: but we firmly believe that if we stand strong and keep up the hard work, we can keep the dream of making the games we love and offering them to you.

The future is really promising for us: Treasure Rangers, our exclusive PS4 platformer, is on its way and it is planned to be released later this year; also Project 8, our very secret project, is close to being finished and unveiled so stay tuned for exciting news! With those upcoming products and further side projects such as Mindtaker and others that are on its way, we can’t be more excited with what will be coming on the near future. Hope to see you there too!

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