Project 8 to be coproduced by Yugenstudio


Project 8 to be coproduced by Yugenstudio

  • The development progress of this project will be significantly boosted thanks to this cooperation with an international company.
  • Our relation with Yugenstudio (Tokyo) started with Baboon! and currently continues with Mindtaker.

We are glad to announce today that Relevo is joining forces with Yugenstudio in order to bring Project 8 (working title), a game concept we were working during last year. The project was somewhat halted, as we were really focused on releasing Baboon! for PS4 along with the production of Mindtaker, our current in development horror game which will be compatible with VR devices. Yugenstudio really loved Project 8’s concept when they saw it and wanted to co-finance the whole project in order to speed up its development. Yugenstudio KK, is a japanese company based in the city of Mitaka, Tokyo: while its main business is music planning and production it also focuses on distribution, planning, development and sale of application software and videogames.


Project 8 is currently at the preproduction stage, while production will likely start around march this year. We can’t wait to tell you more about this project, it is our belief that we are in the making of something really original with an out-of-the-box visual style. Although the game is initially planned for PC (Steam), we are working hand in hand with Yugenstudio to grant console users the chance to enjoy the game in their preferred platforms. So be prepared for more news regarding Project 8’s production and distribution in the near future!

We firmly believe that cooperation with other companies is a key factor to reduce risks and development time, and also to learn from each other in order to grow. So we’ll continue on the path we started with Mindtaker, our current project in cooperation with Virtualware, and we are also exploring other kinds of agreements with third parties to be able to bring our games to different platforms. That’s our vision for 2017, a year that starts with lots of opportunities for us in order to consolidate our company and bring you great new games to enjoy!

Thanks for your continuous support and, as always, follow us on twitter for up to date information on our games, release dates and upcoming projects!

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