Our presence at the Ready Player One Conference with top developers


Our presence at the Ready Player One Conference with top developers

We were recently invited to join Ready Player One Conference in Seville, a meeting with game developers and more than 200 students attending the event sharing knowledge on creating a game studio by talking about risks and difficulties, where director Jon Cortazar joined a top roster of spanish game developers. The event was sponsored by eldiario.es andalucía and Fundación Cajasol, and was organized and hosted by entrepreneur Raúl Nogales from Luegolu3go.


Along with Relevo´s panel, in which Jon shared our experience on retrogaming, advergaming and business development, there were lots of interesting talks: Juan Antonio Becerra (Locomalito) and Javier García (Gryzor87), top indie developers that have recently released Cursed Castilla and Super Hydora with publisher Abylight, hosted a funny but really interesting talk about starting small working at home. Also Mauricio García from The Game Kitchen, shared great tips on funding your game by explaining the steps they did with their excelent project Blasphemous, the most successful kickstarter ever for a spanish videogame. Designer Paulina Cantú, from Luegolu3go, talked on teamwork and how to manage working remotely with several projects at the same time. All in all, lots of differents approaches and possibilities to make your way into the gaming industry.



We were really glad to be part of the event and hope we can come back next year! And remember that the best way to stay up to date on all things Relevo and interact with us is to follow our twitter account! Thank you all for your support and stay tuned for upcoming info on our projects!

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