Our 8 bit Invasion turns 8


Our 8 bit Invasion turns 8

Too many 8s in the header, yeah, but this is not a Project 8 related entry! It’s Invasion of the Zombie Monsters’ 8th anniversary! Our MSX, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC production that gained international attention, and that was the prelude of our studio becoming a company.

If you want to play the game in your preferred emulator, go straight to our Retrogames List and download it for free. You will find lots of free games for 8 bits computers right there so feel free to explore it and grab your favourite!

Also, director Jon Cortazar held an special stream in his YouTube channel sharing lots of development curiosities on the game with the presence of everyone involved in the project back then. Give it a watch for lots of information! (spoken language, spanish)

Last but not least, do check this fanmade trailer-styled short film released some days ago! We really love what you guys can craft taking our games as a reference, and this cheesy z-movie tribute video is like heaven for us. Keep those great things coming! 🙂

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