Ninja Savior

An addictive action puzzle for MSX you can not miss!

Ninja Savior / Ninja Kyūseishu / 忍者救世主


There is an ancient tale about the old and peaceful village of Usuki in Japan. One terrible night, the town was attacked by deadly ghosts and monsters.

To defeat them all and bring peace again, the Ninja Savior was summoned for him to defeat the evil forces and save the village from destruction.

How to play

You find yourself climbing the walls of the houses, trying to defeat the evil forces with spells. Your character will slowly fall down, so you must be quick
and jump to the other wall in front of you not to be burnt with the fire beneath!

In your jump you’ll need to evade ghosts and mosters that can hurt you and try to pick up paper spells and scrolls to damage the big enemy at the top. You’ll succeed when the energy bar at the bottom reaches the “O” symbol in the right side.

Beware being hurt because the energy bar will reduce. Also, when you land on a wall, you will be damaged. If the energy bar at the bottom reaches the “X” symbol in the right side, you’ll lose a live! Try defeating big enemies for extended play!


Ninja Savior © 2015, Relevo Videogames.

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