Mindtaker VR Experience at Fun & Serious


Mindtaker VR Experience at Fun & Serious

This weekend we attended Fun & Serious Game Festival, were we participated in lots of lectures and keynotes about Relevo, our origins as a game development company, Baboon! and its upcoming release for PS4, and more. Also, Jon Cortazar and Sergio Barreda (Virtualware) held a fun and informal talk during the Games Industry Forum about our synergy on developing Mindtaker, our most ambitious project as of today.


We took part in lots of activities and lectures during the festival (photos: Videojuegosvascos.com / FSGamer.com)

We also released for the first time ever a Mindtaker demo experience so that audiences could be able to test it and get some scares. The demonstration is called “Mindtaker VR Experience” and it was running on a PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR inside Relevo’s stand at the PlayStation Talents booth. Lots of gamers were able to experience and enjoy the atmosphere and tension that will be featuring in the full game: it was more than awesome to see players react for the first time to a glimpse of what we have being working on for months! After experiencing the demo, we got lots of feedback from visitors, so now it’s time to analyze and try to enhance the experience as much as we can!


Gamers visited Mindtaker’s mansion for the very first time!

During the event we got lots of exposure from the general and especialized media as they are getting more attracted to Mindtaker. We really want you to know more and more about the project so be sure to stay tuned to our online channels. Also, if you are part of the videogame media and want to get in touch with us, do not hesitate to drop a line!


We’ll love to talk with you about Mindtaker!

And as always, if you really want to stay up to date with our projects, demos and game releases, just follow our constantly active twitter account!

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