Launch trailer for Baboon! PS4


Launch trailer for Baboon! PS4

Oh my, Baboon! is really close to be released in the european PS Store, and an american release of the PS4 and PS Vita versions will follow shortly! We can’t wait for you guys to play it! Thank you for your support and patience, you guys rock! That’s why we’ve just created a brand new launch trailer showing all-new PS4 footage! Here you have it!

Also we’d like to remind you that physical copies will be available exclusively at GAME stores in Spain and website! We are really excited to release our very first boxed console title and we hope you’d love to grab one of those beauties! While you wait, here you have a full HD screenshot of Baboon!: be ready for an anouncement of the release date really soon!


Go fight those monkey bucaneers, Tumbili!

In the events side, we’ve attended Retroalba fair this last weeked in Albacete, where director Jon Cortazar participated in a live recording of a Rejugando Podcast episode you can already download here. Also he was interviewed by Juanan Laguna and had a great time with all retrogaming fans that visited the fair. Thanks everyone in the organization for the warm welcome and for the great moments there, we can’t wait to be back next year!


Jon Cortazar was invited to join Rejugando Podcast crew in a live recording, also received an award from the event organization.

Soon we will be sharing lots of news: final release date for Baboon! PS4 in Europe and America, progress on Mindtaker and new trailer, lots of updates on Project 8… tons of info to come shortly! So, in order to stay tuned, consider following us on our always up to date twitter account! Thanks for your support and happy gaming!

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