In Korea attending the G-Star and back to AzPlay


In Korea attending the G-Star and back to AzPlay

We are back from another big trip, just like last year when we attended TGS 2015 or this summer when we visited E3 2016 in order to present our current project Mindtaker. This time we traveled to South Korea to attend the Global Game Exhibition G-Star 2016 and the experience was more than great for us.


G-Star is as huge as it seems.

We had lots of business meetings there with developers, publishers and mostly investors, in order to show them our projects, pitch our company and even try to establish synergies with companies in Korea. We had really good feedback on Relevo and our products, and also lots of advices from people in the industry, that helped us to have a wider understanding of the financial side of the business. We will be keeping up those contacts for future cooperations!


First couple of days at B2B zone attending meetings.


Big booths with a huge amount of visitors wanting to check new games.


Aitor Zumelzu, Jon Cortazar, Wonji Kim and Koldo Iturriagagoitia working hard.

Now back in Bilbao, director Jon Cortázar visited the AzPlay International Festival of Independent Games, and also took part on a round table about the videogames in the future, with Carlos González Tardón, Lara Sánchez Coterón, Arturo Monedero and Koldo Gutierrez. It was a really nice and participative chat, also with the audience!


Photo: Betweeners Agency.


Photo: Carlos González Tardón.

Now back to work! And as always, if you want to stay updated on our current and future projects, please do consider following us on twitter! 😉


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