Gamelab 2017 and Resort PSVR


Gamelab 2017 and Resort PSVR

We are working hard on bringing Baboon! for PS4 and PS Vita to the american audience, along with the production of Project 8. But Mindtaker is also advancing pretty well and during the last week we attended a couple of events to share some scares with you guys.

The first event we attended was Gamelab 2017, an event held in Barcelona where international professionals, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and investors from the digital entertainment space get inspired and share innovative ideas and projects. We showcased Mindtaker VR Experience to the professional audience and got a really rewarding positive feedback on the progress of the project. It was great to be invited there by PlayStation and be part of the PS Talents booth!



During Gamelab, the Spanish National Videogame Award ceremony was held, in which Baboon! for PS4 was nominated for the Best Console Game Award.

Even though we did not get the prize, but we are really honored to have been there with the rest of nominees!


Days later, we attended a private event organized by PlayStation in Madrid: Resort PSVR. It was a showcase of PlayStation VR titles, both currently available and future releases, that people were able to experience and enjoy.

Mindtaker was also there! It was really cool to have the feedback of the players and to cause some screams for the delight of the audience.



In brief, it is good for us to pulse the progress of our projects with professionals, media and, of course, the players! So this week has been a really productive one. Now back to work and, if you want to stay updated, do follow our active twitter account! Thank you for your support!

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