Delivering some more new games to clients


Delivering some more new games to clients

Along with our propietary works, we also create games for clients both on our own or with our partner company Vals Agency. Today we are releasing a new version of our serious game Generakzioa, a bundle of mind and dexterity games targeted to seniors.

The new version of our application was present at an event held in Bilbao this past weekend, where visitors enjoyed the good weather, lots of activities and of course a good play!


We also finished and delivered a couple more products for clients, although they are both designed for internal use of their respective companies: one designed for Burger King and another one for Iberdrola, both being games to help employees being aware of occupational risk prevention.


But our projects, the ones you love most, are more than alive and kicking. We will talk about them in the near future but, while you wait, do consider following us on twitter for up to date information of all things related to Relevo! Thank you for your trust and support!

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