New Mindtaker VR Experience session and more to come!

Last weekend we took part in the Tracking Bilbao 2017 event by hosting private sessions of Mindtaker VR Experience, the demo we showcased for the first time at the Fun & Serious Game Festival. This has been the second time […]


Project 8 to be coproduced by Yugenstudio

The development progress of this project will be significantly boosted thanks to this cooperation with an international company. Our relation with Yugenstudio (Tokyo) started with Baboon! and currently continues with Mindtaker. We are glad to announce today that Relevo is […]


Baboon! is on its way to PS4!

As you problably know, our adventure platformer Baboon! is about to be released on PlayStation 4. This remastered edition will feature rich 1080p graphics with a constant 60fps rate, along with lots of upgrades and improvements on control, options and […]


Mindtaker VR Experience at Fun & Serious

This weekend we attended Fun & Serious Game Festival, were we participated in lots of lectures and keynotes about Relevo, our origins as a game development company, Baboon! and its upcoming release for PS4, and more. Also, Jon Cortazar and […]