Baboon! is on its way to PS4!


Baboon! is on its way to PS4!

As you problably know, our adventure platformer Baboon! is about to be released on PlayStation 4. This remastered edition will feature rich 1080p graphics with a constant 60fps rate, along with lots of upgrades and improvements on control, options and balancing suggested by users, media critics and our publishers since its debut on PS Vita. Also we are excited to announce that Baboon! will be heading to America in both PS Vita and PS4 versions really soon, so stay tuned for further news on release dates!


Our Baboon! sanctuary at Relevo HQ is starting to be too crowdy.

But we have more news about Tumbili, our most beloved monkey, as thanks to an agreement with PlayStation, Ardistel and GAME, we are glad to announce that Baboon! will feature a physical release and that it is NOW available to preorder exclusively in GAME stores in Spain and worldwide. Yesterday we were part of an event held in Madrid with the presence of all the national game studios into the PlayStation Talents program in order to present this agreement of distribution with GAME stores. In this event we showed the renewed version of Baboon! and showcased it to the specialized media.


It’s more than great to see Baboon! available to preorder at the stores!


Jon Cortazar was pointing the new features of Baboon! for PS4 to the audience


You can already search and check the gamesheet for Baboon! in

Soon we will be posting final release dates for America and Europe! So, if you want to be up to date on our news on Baboon!, our horror project Mindtaker, and our mysterious Project 8, follow our always active twitter account! 😉


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