Azzurro 8-bit Jam


Azzurro 8-bit Jam

This 8 bit puzzler just rocks!

Azzurro Rock Pub is a well known night pub in Bilbao focused on rock music, heavy metal and offering a very different experience for its customers, both in its theme, as in how to get in touch with its target: web, viral, social, merchandising… that fact makes it stand out of the crowd with a different and innovative offer..

When they contacted Vals Agency for a new and fresh marketing proposal, in order to get an exclusive, different, and funny way to promote Azzurro Rock Pub to its clients, RELEVO Videogames entered the arena proposing the development of a videogame for 80s platform, active in local, with which to conduct tournaments and promotions as well as offering physical editions of the game to their customers.


“Still don’t know Azzurro Rock Pub? Rock music, video clips… your best night pub around! And do not forget the championships of speed and accuracy in the noble art of shot drinking!

Will you be able to keep the rythm and drink the colors according to the required sequence? Rock the night by becoming the king of Azzurro 8Bit Jam!”

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