Announcing Baboon! for PS Vita


Announcing Baboon! for PS Vita


Relevo Videogames has become the very first videogame studio in the basque country to be part of the PlayStation family. Now that every step towards obtaining the needed certifications have been completed, we are ready to develop our most ambitious project for the PS Vita and publish it via the PS Store.

Baboon! is a videogame that mixes puzzles, strategy, and fun level-playing scenes. The demo has already received independent awards and is a great fit for a portable game playing audience, offering depth, original characters, simple controls and non-stop fun. In the game, you control Tumbili, a little monkey that bombs himself so he can proceed to the goal at the top of each stage.

With different kind of bombs that have different effects in the gameplay, many worlds to explore and tons of puzzles to solve, “Baboon!” is going to be a fresh and funny addition to the PS Vita game catalog, and it is expected to be released next year.

Also, we’ve just launched a dedicated website for Baboon! Go visit it now for more information about the project status!

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Congrats @jtetart as you've won this weekend #Baboon! #PS4 bluray giveaway! 🎉

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