A little retro update before summer holidays


A little retro update before summer holidays

While we are focused on getting things ready so we can go on holidays there are a couple of news involving Relevo, and we are more than willing to share them with you!

First of all, we are honored to host a prize in the excellent Amstrad CPC development contest #CPCRetroDev 2018. This year, the organization has created the Relevo Special Mention for the Best Global Product, and we can’t be more proud of it: director Jon Cortazar will be the one judging this prize and deciding which contestant will get the honors.


Also, yesterday Jon hosted a lecture on live streaming and casting games invited by Alianzo at this years’ Hackathon at the Euskal Encounter’s 26th edition. If you want to see him play and rant to his favourite retro games, give his YouTube channel a good watch!


We are about to be out for summer holidays, as we need some rest before giving the final touches to Project 8. So stay tuned for more news about Baboon!, Mindtaker and, of course, Project 8 in september! Enjoy, and as always, thank you for your continous support! Get in touch with us in our always active twitter account! 😉


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