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3. Yep, Tumbili is rocking a dinosaur costume! A monkey with a DINOSAUR costume!! #Baboon! #PSVita 28.1.2015

Ok ok, #Baboon! for #PSVita is going just digital... but wouldn't be great to own such a sexy item? ;-) 28.1.2015

4. What is Shinobu doing at the Monkey Mart? #Baboon! #PSVita 28.1.2015

5. Just when you think you have #Baboon! figured out... And now it's raining Pokers!? #PSVita 28.1.2015

Here’s a handy dandy guide for you to learn the gameplay basics of #Baboon! for #PSVita! ;-)…

6. Mafuta knows it well. With a good curry, you should always ask for seconds. #Baboon! #PSVita 28.1.2015

Be fast an creative: go, developers, go! @globalgamejam

A smooth platformer that would've been called a classic if it was released 20 years ago

About Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, "31 Homebrew Games Worth Playing" by Ryan Winterhalter (

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