The creativity of this game is impossible to ignore, as is its ability to constantly surprise you

Baboon!, Review 7/10 (GamesTM magazine, issue 159)

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We will be back to work in a couple of days! Stay tuned, as some wild news could appear! ;-)

Congrats @daikai6! It seems you finished the FULL 140% #Baboon! #PSVita experience!! Thank you for playing! ^^…

TRIVIA: did you know that our "Invasion of the Zombie Monsters" was about to be titled "Moonlight Zombie Inferno"?

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PS Vita「BABOON!(バブーン!)」ウッキーをボムでふっとばして、島のバナナをとりかえせ!@PlayStation_jp…

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Thanx everyone for your incredible support! And this is just the beginning! ;-)

Tomorrow we will make an announcement regarding #Baboon! for #PSVita! Stay tuned!

Remember, you can get #Baboon! with your #PSVita + Looney Tunes Galactic Sports + 8GB card, only @VideojuegosGAME!

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About Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, "31 Homebrew Games Worth Playing" by Ryan Winterhalter (

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