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An update on #Mindtaker🐈 and #Baboon!💣 #PS4 #PSVita! Also we've been testing #PlayStationVR #VR today! Read it here……

Thnx @JulenZaballa for your recommendations! We love all those three hidden gems! 😊🕹…

Wanting so bad to grab a cart of our most acclaimed but also sold out #MSX games? WAIT NO MORE! Pre-order and a new……

Congrats on the anniversary, guys! Go, Devilish!😊…

Things get creepier as the #gamedev of #Mindtaker #PS4 progresses. Hope we can deliver (alive)! Call 911 if you don……

It's great to have Siri following us!😂 Thnx @SiriouslySusan!😘

A bit late, but happy b'day, Ianire! Let's celebrate! 😊🎂🎉

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Awesome to see #Mindtaker #PS4 being featured @revisplaymania #213 horror games article! Thnx @bask82!

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The creativity of this game is impossible to ignore, as is its ability to constantly surprise you

Baboon!, Review 7/10 (GamesTM magazine, issue 159)

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