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Lots of epicness in one single photo 🕹

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Today early morning we arrived Japan! 🇯🇵 Tomorrow we will be attending @tokyo_game_show, but now is time to relax a……

We love to see you sharing photos of our games so keep 'em comin'! And thnx @inigoMSX for showing our very first an……

Director @Jon_Cortazar talking on #Mindtaker #PS4 to a crowded audience at @PlayStationES #PSVR roadshow! First sto……

Soon we will be unveiling #Mindtaker #PS4 trailer! We can't wait for you to watch it! Stay tuned! cc…

Thank you for your support, Scott! Hope you enjoy the game! 😀…

Ohmy @AnimatoonStudio, where is the daily dose of morning coffee! 😉☕️

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The creativity of this game is impossible to ignore, as is its ability to constantly surprise you

Baboon!, Review 7/10 (GamesTM magazine, issue 159)

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We make well-designed,
fun and creative videogames
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Videogame Nostalgia

We create 8bit videogames
for 80s computer systems that work
on the real thing or emulators!

A smooth platformer that would've been called a classic if it was released 20 years ago

About Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, "31 Homebrew Games Worth Playing" by Ryan Winterhalter (

Our game studio brings retro games to life

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